Innovation Management in Practice

These days my new publication about Innovation Management in Practice, that I wrote together with Ursula Georgy, was published in the Praxishandbuch Informations- und Bibliotheksmarketing, edited by Ursula Georgy and Frauke Schade. Unfortunately, this book is not available under Open Access, so you will need to get it either in your library (recommended) or buy the book or the article (for 30 € on DeGruyter’s platform). I want to give here a short overview over the content of the article.

The idea was to give on the one hand a theoretical background (mainly by Ursula Georgy) and on the other hand to illustrate this with examples out of the experiences made especially at ETH-Bibliothek, where we introduced an innovation management already three years ago. The article contains the following chapters:

  • Innovation and innovation strategy
  • Innovation process
  • Organization of innovation
  • Idea management
  • Creativity techniques
  • Innovation circles
  • Open innovation
  • Development of innovation strategies
  • Controlling
  • Communication

Ursula Georgy, Rudolf Mumenthaler: Praxis Innovationsmanagement. In: Georgy, U., & Schade, F. (Eds.). (2012). Praxishandbuch Bibliotheks- und Informationsmarketing. De Gruyter, S.319-340.

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