In eigener Sache

Auf den 1. August 2017 werde ich die Direktion der Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern ( übernehmen. Ich freue mich auf die Herausforderung und die Zusammenarbeit mit den Mitarbeitenden! Mehr dazu im Newsletter des Kantons Luzern.

Und meinen Kolleginnen und Kollegen an der HTW Chur und speziell am Schweizerischen Institut für Informationswissenschaft danke ich für die super Zusammenarbeit. Der Abschied fällt nicht leicht, aber die Heimatstadt lockt mit einer spannenden Aufgabe…


Visit my new homepage and blog

I’ve just published my new personal homepage with my blog. You may wonder why I didn’t do that before. The fact is that I’ll start a new job as professor of library science at HTW Chur next week (on May 1). And until now I had my blog (not a personal one, but run only by me) at ETH-Bibliothek: As I leave ETH I needed a new platform for my reports and comments.

And I think that it is quite important for a lecturer and scientist to have a homepage with his published works, his presentations, talks and lectures. So I’ve created this homepage on WordPress with some information about me, my publications, my presentations and my lectures. Maybe there will be more items in future.

And I want to make a statement concerning blogs: I think that blogs are (still) an important part of scholarly and popular communication. I’d prefer a personal blog for my thoughts and comments instead of a commercial social media service. Of course my contributions will be linked to many of these platforms, but my blog is my primary place where I want to publish my thoughts, my professional views and even results of my research.

And I decided to write my blog in English. Why? At first because I think that information science should be internationally linked and not limited to a German speaking public. I’m looking forward to exchange my ideas with colleagues all over the world. Second because it’s a good training – even if my English is far from being perfect. And third my daughter Lena encouraged me to try it, too. Because she set up her own blog as in English. It’s a great blog, by the way!

You can subscribe to my blog using the RSS-link and a RSS reader or following me on Twitter. For me, Blogs and Twitter just belong together, with Twitter as a fast and easy way to subscribe to blogs and to read the headlines. But the blog is the primary source, of course! I hope you will enjoy it!

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