Twitter as blog reader

Yesterday my opinion that one of Twitter’s most important functions is that of a blog reader was confirmed. My daughter mentioned that a friend of her said he would read my blog. First I thought he meant my official Blog Innovation@ETH-Bibliothek, but it was my new personal blog he was talking about. I wondered how he knew about this new blog with only two posts being published yet. And in my blog he read about my daughter’s blog as Mrs. Garlic Head (

And how did he know about these blogs? He is a follower of my Twitter account. And of course all our blogs are connected to Twitter. So he knew about my new blog instantly and there he read about my daughter’s blog. I guess now he knows her Twitter name and follows her on Twitter, too…

Even if I know that there are quite a lot of followers on Twitter, I am always surprised when somebody says he reads my blog. So I think that Twitter is really the most efficient blog reader. And as author of blogs you are able connect several RSS-feeds (from different blogs) to your Twitter account with Twitterfeed ( The only problem is if you follow too many Twitterfeeds and you don’t manage to read the new posts instantly. Then they get lost in the flood of news… So, it is important to clean from time to time your Twitter account from feeds you don’t need anymore.

And, by the way, the most beautiful way to read blogs and/or Twitterfeeds is reading them on Flipboard, one of my favorite apps for the iPad.

Mrs Garlic Head's blog on Flipboard
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