Update for an e-book

Finally I’ve published my first e-only book about e-books and e-readers in libraries. It is available in the formats epub and mobipocket. As I wanted it to be an open access publication, I made it available as a downloadable file on my homepage under a creative commons licence (cc-by). But soon after I published the files I noticed that the chapter titles in the mobipocket version weren’t displayed correctly. So I had to improve and reformat the file. But I didn’t just want to replace the old file but to publish it in an official new version (1.01). So also the publication of an e-book is more similar to a piece of software than to a traditional book.
You find the links to the different versions here:
EPUB version (1.1)
Mobipocket version (1.1)

Maybe we have to create an update mechanism for e-books like for the apps? Because I would like to add new articles to the e-book and to keep it current…

Autor: mrudolf

Director of State and University Library Lucerne (Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern), former Professor for Library Science at HTW Chur (university of applied sciences), co-editor of Informationspraxis, co-principal investigator of the Horizon Report Library Edition, blogging on library topics - and also on mindful living (in German as Männerherz)

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